Theater Museum, Vienna

Everybody dances.

The Cosmos of Viennese Dance


March 21st 2019 – February 10 2020                                                                
Gertrud Kraus in “Wodka”, Wien around 1924.
Theatermuseum © KHM-Museumsverband                            

Golem, 1937, Hilde Holger


Lindsay Kemp

Lindsay Kemp with his first London dance teacher Hilde Holger early 1960’s 

Angel from Onnagata 


Juhu Beach, India



In Global Transit. Jewish Migrants from Hitler’s Europe in Asia, Africa, and Beyond

                           14-18 February 2018

Venue: Conference in Kolkata, India

Conveners: Andreas Gestrich (GHI London), Simone Lässig (GHI Washington), Anne Schenderlein (GHI Washington), and Indra Sengupta (GHI London)

Cultures of Capitalism in Weimar and Nazi Germany     

                            22-24 February 2018

Venue: Conference at the German Historical institute, Washington DC.  

Conveners: Pamela Swett (McMaster University), Moritz Föllmer (University of Amsterdam), and Ines Prodöhl (GHI Washington)              

hh_-juhu-beach-in-red_charles-petrasch-transparency                Hilde Holger, Juhu Beach, India         Photo Charles Petrasch
"Body Luggage" Kunstmuseum GRAZ, Austria. Curator: Zasha Colah

“Body Luggage”
Kunstmuseum GRAZ, Austria, 2016-2017.
Curator: Zasha Colah

kunsthaus graz austria