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14-18 February 2018
In Global Transit. Jewish Migrants from Hitler’s Europe in Asia, Africa, and Beyond
Venue: Conference in Kolkata, India
Conveners: Andreas Gestrich (GHI London), Simone Lässig (GHI Washington), Anne Schenderlein (GHI Washington), and Indra Sengupta (GHI London)

22-24 Februray 2018
Cultures of Capitalism in Weimar and Nazi Germany
Venue: Conference at the German Historical institute, Washington DC.
Conveners: Pamela Swett (McMaster University), Moritz Föllmer (University of Amsterdam), and Ines Prodöhl (GHI Washington)


hh_-juhu-beach-in-red_charles-petrasch-transparency                                                                            Hilde Holger, Juhu Beach, India         Photo Charles Petrasch
"Body Luggage" Kunstmuseum GRAZ, Austria. Curator: Zasha Colah

“Body Luggage”
Kunstmuseum GRAZ, Austria, 2016-2017.
Curator: Zasha Colah

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At the end of October 2010, as part of Hilde Holger’s Centenary Project, six of her dance students taught two inclusive weekend workshops, each targeting the various aspects of her legacy. Teachers and therapeutic professionals were also invited to participate or watch any of the workshops. The series, supported by Camden City Council, took place at the InterChange Studios, and culminated in a Forum Discussion entitled ‘The lost link Hilde Holger.’

Moveabout - Royston & Prim Moveabout Forum

Hilde Holger (1905–2001), was an avantgarde expressionist Viennese dancer who quickly made waves in the Secession and Hagenbund, as well as across Europe dancing in Gertrud Bodenwieser’s company and her own. Teaching fascinated her unusually early, at the height of her solo career. Forced into exile in 1939, she lived in India, finally resettling ten years later in England. With her ever broadening life experiences, she broke yet another boundary when, due to her son having severe learning disabilities, she pioneered Inclusivity, with similar boys and a professional dancer at Sadlers Wells in 1967/8.


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